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Caudill Web Solutions was founded in September 2007. It has experienced tremendous grouth, with a tripled growth in the past year. Many organizations and businesses have grown and succeeded from the services provided by Caudill Web Solutions.

But if you really want to know Caudill Web Solutions, you have to know the guy behind it all....

Meet Andrew Caudill

Hi - thanks for taking time to visit. I'm the guy behind almost everything here. I just turned 21, and I'm preparing to be a pastor.
To pen a description of myself is quite difficult. Many know me as the oldest of a large family (oldest of a dozen kids, to be exact! That will teach you responsibility!). Others see me as a very diligent student, always seeking to learn. Others would be quick to describe the hard work ethic that I possess. Still yet, many would be quick to point out that I am a Christian, and that guides everything I do.
What sets me apart from other people and companies is a few things. First, I'm not in this to make a fortune, I'm in it to make a living (to pay for school, to be exact). So I'm not uptight about the whole money thing. I do charge, but it isn't my concern. I'm sure you will be very surprised at some of my pricing.
Second, I really do care about what you are doing. If I'm not the right fit for your project, I will tell you that so you don't waste your money. I give you my personal email and personal cell so you can get ahold of me at any time. I'm always here to help and serve you.
Third, I speak your language. My goal is not to just tell you what I am doing, but teach you what is going on and what your options are. I want you to be able to make educated descsions on what you are doing. Don't worry - I am also a counseler here to help you know what is best for your situation. I know what is going on in the tech world today so I can give you the best options for how to engage and reach your mission.
I would love to meet you or talk with you about what you are doing. Go ahead and shoot me an email or give me a call. There is no pressure and we can figure out the best plan and best steps for you.


Epic Leader, Fearless Visionary

Name: Andrew Caudill

Official Title: Founder, CEO, servant

Age: 21

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Hobbies: Computers, Art, Reading, Outdoors, Theological subjects

Purpose Statement: Igniting a passion for the renown of God among the nations.

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