Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati

Taylor Huth Memorial Scholarship FAQs

You may have questions about the Taylor Huth Memorial Scholarship. Here is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions and answers:

1. Who can apply?   In order to be considered, you must have:

  • Overcome or are working to overcome the challenges of epilepsy
  • Been successful in school
  • Done well in activities outside the classroom or in the community
  • Shown a desire to make the most out of college or graduate school

2. How many winners are selected?   In 2011, we awarded 3 scholarships. The number of awards given annually depends on the success of the golf outing that supports this scholarship fund. 

3. How much money is given to the winners?   Each winner receives a 1-year, $1,000 scholarship.

4. Who picks the winners?   Winners are picked by a panel of judges made up of friends and family of Taylor Huth and staff of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

5. Is there an age limit?   No, as long as the eligibility requirements of question #1 are met, there is no age limit.

6. I am not in college or graduate school right now. I plan on returning to school next year. Can I still apply?   You can apply if you will be enrolled in school in the fall of 2012.

7. Who should write the letters of recommendation?   One letter must come from your doctor or neurologist. The other can come from a friend, family member, teacher, coach, employer, etc.

8. What should the doctor/neurologist letter of recommendation include?   The letter from your doctor/neurologist should state that you are now under his/her care for epilepsy. The letter should also describe how long you have had epilepsy, the challenges you have overcome or are working to overcome and reasons why you deserve this scholarship.

9. What should the other letter include?   The other letter of recommendation should describe your extracurricular and community activities, any academic achievements and reasons why you deserve this scholarship.

10. What should I include in my essay?   You can choose from 4 essay topics: (Please pick just 1 of these topics to write about, limit your essay to 250 words and use proper essay formats, such as a 5 paragraph essay with an introduction, 3 paragraphs of explanation and a paragraph to wrap up the topic)

  • How you have overcome or are working to overcome the challenges of epilepsy (personally, socially, academically)
  • What living with epilepsy means to you
  • Who has helped you to suceed and how they have helped you
  • An achievement you are proud of

11. Can my essay be more than 250 words?   Yes, but it should be as close to 250 words as possible.

12. When is the deadline for applying?   Submissions must be postmarked by February 10, 2012.

13. Do I need to send in my official transcripts to show proof of my grades?   No, an official or unofficial copy is fine.

14. Do I have to send in all of the application materials at once?   No, you can send them in separate mailings.

15. When can I apply for the 2012 scholarship?   You can apply anytime before February 10, 2012.

16. When are the winners announced?   Winners will be announced no later than March 10, 2012.