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The projects on this site are about a decade old. You can see a current project by visting Live Global. For other web inquiries, please contact me.

Web Design and Programming

Below are just a few of the sites and projects that I have completed. Click on the image preview for a full view. Any questions on what I have done or what I can do go ahead and contact me!

The Smith Family Foundation

Integration of key branding elements
Facebook and email signup promotions
Full state-of-the-art blog
Custom sharp redesign
Interactive home page elements



North Hills Baptist Church

Rotating Home Page Banner
Blog Capabilities
Facebook integration, including the "Like Button" and Recommendations Feed
Powerful CMS built on Wordpress
Custom Design to match new logo


Paragon Pet School

Custom Design
Online School
Forums, chat rooms, rss announcements
Auto Grading tests, online gradebook, student file manager
Online payment, many more features!



Chick-fil-A Eastgate Mall

Custom Design
Team Member Section
Promotional Tools




Mountain Stream Church

Rotating Home Page Banner
Blog Capabilities
Full Moblie Intigration
Powerful CMS built on Wordpress
Custom Design to match new logo



Champions for Charity

Sponsor golfers or purchase golf ball raffle tickets online
Paypal intigration
Choose team or charity to sponsor
Established print header intigrated
$80,000 dollars raised


Chick-fil-A 9 Mile Road

Custom Design
Email Marketing
Team Member Section (password protected)
Advanced tools allows for store management features, including photo uploads, user management
Online Catering (through corporate site)


Bearing Precious Seed

Custom Design
Facebook integration
Online Store
Animated Header




Don't Die Stupid

Christian Evangelism Relevancy
Custom Design, Branding
Live Death Counter
Interactive Tests
The Gospel
Animated Site Introduction


The Cross Church

Custom Design
News Updates
Sermon/Music Player




New Heights Baptist Church

Custom Design
Custom Logo
Photo Albums
Online Calendar




Logo Creation and Branding

Please contact for samples

Graphic Design

Please contact for samples

Additional Services and Projects

Sometimes the best services offered are more than just giving you a website. Rather, the effective promotion and use of that website will ensure that your investment is maximized and your return great. The best way for us to show you is to give you real life examples from the past year...

Case Study - Search Engine Optimization

After two months of launching their new web site, Chick-fil-A Nine Mile Road (Pensacola, FL) was still on the fifth page of Google when someone searched for their business. After analyzing what they wanted to target in Google, some minor modifications were made to the website. Within two weeks, their spot in Google went from the fifth page to the third spot on the first page. Three weeks later they have held the first two places in Google when "chicken anywhere" is entered, and in the top five places for more than eight other searches. Search engine optimization really works when done rightly! Contact us today to see how we can do the same for you!

Case Study - Facebook Integration

Bearing Precious Seed is a non-profit org looking to boost both awareness and support of their ministry. Their out-of-date website was their main avenue for support, being highly advertised. They created a facebook page, but their main breakthrough was when they creatively integrated it with their newly designed website. Their followers almost immediately doubled, and have continued to grow. Unlike the website, their facebook page allows them to connect with supporters whenever they want, driving specified and measurable actions. Donations and store orders have risen, and website visits has also continued to grow as facebook followers clicked back to their website.

Case Study - Domain and Server Retrieval

Dr. Westendorf knows the value of a quality web site. For more than ten years he has had a custom website that reflected the custom practice he had (Holistic Dentistry). When the web development company that had built his site dropped off of the face of the earth (apparently in bankruptcy), it first appeared as a minor annoyance. When he moved offices and changed phone numbers and addresses, lost business because of the inability to have his site updated was a major dilemma. After exhausting all options for trying to get access to the domains he owned (and even exploring legal options), Caudill Web Solutions came on the scene. Within 24 hours, we had his site not only moved over to our servers with Dr. Westendorf now controlling the domain names, but also all the contact info updated! Feel locked in with your web site? We provide unbelievable solutions to whatever your problem is!

Case Study - Unique Promotion Ideas

Chick-fil-A Eastgate Mall had a live and fun website. They were looking for unique ways to promote their site to both drive online catering orders as well as in store visits. Caudill Web Solutions suggested having a "student of the week" contest, where students would register their name for a chance to win free food for them and their friends. As part of this campaign, Caudill Web Solutions obtained every local teacher's email and emailed every one of them in the greater Cincinnati area, alerting them of the promotion. Teachers not only told their students of the promotion, but asked for promotional fliers to hang up around the school. Not only did website visits increase, but in-store visits rose. Catering orders also rose as awareness and name recognition increased among families, as this promotion was also used as an opportunity to create awareness of Chick-fil-A's catering program. We really do go the second mile in ensuring that your website is a success. If you are looking for unique ideas to promote your website Contact us today.

Understanding the Times

Everyone thinks they know what the trends are today... kinda. But really? Things are changing so rapidly that it is hard to tell what is even worth pursuing. Website? Print? Facebook? Mobile? Apps? Twitter? What is even worth your time and money? Consider this thought provoking video....
We can help you sort through the confusing mess today, and not only tell you what is best, but teach you why. In fact, test us. We want you to get to know us before you trust us or give us money. So go ahead - contact us and see if we can help!

Common Features:

Search Engine Optimization

Boost your ratings in Google! We help you reach the top when people look for you.

Plug Facebook into your site

Merge facebook with your site to plug visitors in and maxamize your impact.

Mobile Compliant

Have your site be completely mobile compliant, and allow easy engagement from those browsing from their phone.

Looking for radically innovative ideas?

Email Subscription

Engage your visitors and stay in touch by having them join your email newsletters.

Vistor Map

Know where your visitors are coming from - drill down to the city from any place on the globe! We don't just give you the number of visitors, but let you drill down into every imaginable detail of them!

Online Store

Do business 24/7 by adding an online store! We have what it takes to get you plugged in with a full ecommerce presence!

Online Donations

Need to take donations? Make it simple for people by offering portals to the most popular online payment sites.

Update Your Own Site!

You don't need to know any code to be able to make updates or posts to your own site!

Custom Website Search

Aid your visitors in finding exactly what they want with a custom website search bar.

Detailed Visitor Stastics

Know how many people come to your site, how long they stay, and when they come back!

We can take on your project!

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