Book Review: The Story of the Bible

March 23, 2011

This is a review of the book The Story of the Bible, authored by Larry Stone and published by Thomas Nelson.

Even at first glance, The Story of the Bible is very intriguing and impressive. It is a high quality hardback book filled with stunning images dating all the way back through church history. In a creative and educational way, they display both the history of the preservation of scripture as well as the impact it has had on society.

The content of the book is also great. It contains depth that will intrigue and benefit those with deep theological backgrounds, yet is understandable and enjoyable for novices. This book follows the Bible from its origin through church history, highlighting the translations and preservation of God’s Word. Captivating and intriguing insights are given into the men who were instrumental in this work, as well as the impact it had on society.

The most unique aspect of this book is that it has pockets throughout which contain 23 life-sized pull-out pages from the most important manuscripts or Bibles throughout history. On the back it describes that that copy is, as well as the importance of it. I found these extremely fascinating to examine and read.

The Story of the Bible is meant to show the history of the Bible. Thus, Stone does not go in depth to prove the inspiration of scripture (although he shows it throughout history). It would have been fun to see Stone include more on the inspiration of scripture as well as the attacks on the inspiration of it, but he chose to focus more on the preservation and translation of it. Overall, I greatly enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it.