December 8, 2011

Being embittered at not being thanked betrays unbelief in the promise: “You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just.” – Piper

Fear not, you can only be killed. (Luke 12:4) – Piper

Truly good stewards don’t believe they own anything.

“Traditional ‘Sunday School’ moralism remains a problem. Teaching often consists in admonitions to be good, offered to restless children who already know the rules.
“The gospel is good news because Jesus Christ has the power to save and to renew. Only a Christ-centered message is a life-changing message.”
~Ed Clowney

Watching TV in 1986 I wrote in my journal: No good shows. Just cute evil and clean godlessness. I assume it hasn’t improved. – Piper.

To reject the messengers of Jesus is worse than sodomy. Luke 10:12

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). Either you believe it, or you don’t.

“I stand before Him deeply ashamed. Some time ago I listened to some genuinely much wiser people who advised me, without basis, to spend my time pursuing other things. And I listened.” (Peter Keay)

All blessings other than Jesus are only meant to point us to the greater blessing of Jesus himself.

Life is an incremental series of becoming what you are in Jesus Christ.
-John Piper

Whatever detracts from the sovereignty of God in the salvation of men stands condemned.
-Williams Hendriksen