April 28, 2012

“It is tragic to see in evangelical circles today, even among conservatives, a slide in the direction of distorting the biblical gospel of Christ . . . The main distortion occurring today . . . is the incorporation of the ’social gospel’ as part of what it means to talk about the biblical gospel . . . Many who speak this way are well-intentioned. They are trying to encourage Christians to be involved socially in loving people and witnessing to them through their deeds and not just words. However, doing such social actions in appropriate ways is the evidence of a life lived in Christ; it is not part of the gospel. We cannot bring the implications of the gospel, no matter how good they might be, into the definition of the gospel itself.” Mike Stallard, Ph.D.

There will always be people who argue that the doctrine of election and predestination makes missions pointless. But they they Are always wrong. It does not make missions pointless; it makes missions possible. -Piper

We know of no office in the church of God where the very highest mental attainments can be more beneficially employed, that in the office, all despised as it is, of the Christian missionary.

In Mark 12, a pharisee comes to Jesus and asks him about paying taxes to Caesar. Christ responds by asking him who’s image is on the coin, then commands him to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar, and unto God that which is Gods.
However, the motive of the questioner becomes apparent when he fails to ask the most obvious followup question: What then is God’s? While it was never answered, I believe it is fairly simple and Christ would have answered: Of who’s likeness and image are you created after?
(Ravi Zacharias)

Really, quite simply, the “Good Christian People” are those attracted to Christ not for His mercy, but His comeliness, and as such they are very preoccupied with the comeliness of other Christians. Never desiring mercy, they never receive, never having received, they have none to give. In their merciless lives of perpetual vice patrol they fail to see that the Christian life is not an exodus from vice to virtue, but from virtue to grace. In short, they never understand they’re just a prettier breed of swine, but swine nonetheless.
HTEllie Corrow

“We must never leave the impression in worship that we do not need a Mediator. We must never leave the impression that we can approach God the Father directly. In light of His holiness and my sinfulness, I cannot approach Him apart from a Mediator. And so it is quite possible for us to sing songs that are accurately extolling the attributes of God, but if there is an absence of the cross, the unintended consequence is leaving the impression that somehow I can experience intimacy with God apart from the one who died for my many sins.” C.J. Mahaney

In heaven we will not move from dissatisfaction to satisfaction, but from satisfaction to greater satisfactions. – Piper

False religion is infinitely worse than bad politics, but lots of evangelicals reverse the priority. – Phil Johnson

“It doesn’t say in Scripture that you lose your first love, it says you left it.” -Leonard Ravenhill

Man’s inability to save himself is one of the darkest truths of Scripture. Yet, it serves to humble man & magnify the power of God to save. – Paul Washer

The thief on the cross’s family probably all died never knowing that he was redeemed.

A poor Jewish carpenter – rejected as a blasphemer & crucified by the state – is the Savior & Lord of all. At His name, every knee will bow. – Paul Washer

You become what you behold.

We do what we do, because we want what we want. We want what we want because we believe what we believe.

He will reign over you, either by your consent, or without it. – Spurgeon

“The free will is a pagan goddess that the Church has worshiped for far too long.” — Steven Lawson.

“Let me tell you something, if you could lose your salvation, you would.” – John MacArthur

The first audience to whom a good man ought to think of preaching is himself. – Spurgeon

What poor little things we are, and yet we think we do so much. The pen might say, “I wrote John Milton’s Paradise Lost.” Ah, poor pen! You could not have dotted an “i” or crossed a “t” if Milton’s hand had not moved you. – Spurgeon

Is not the desire for wealth a thing which grows with that it feeds upon, so that, the more a man has, the more he still wants? – Spurgeon

“If you’re going to be a true Christian, I’ll tell you one thing amongst others: it’ll be a lonely life. It’s a narrow way and it becomes narrower and narrower and narrower.” -Leonard Ravenhill