February 15, 2013

Freedom is being so in love with Christ that you can do whatever it is you want to do and it goes right along with his will.

For you to be emotionally affected by whether or not a 20 something year old catches a ball or not makes you not only inmature, but in the eternal realm, a fool. It’s a weird thing that we have men of God that don’t get torn up about the things of God but they do about their basketball team. -Matt Chandler

Child of God, “All your losses are but as the loss of a farthing to a prince.” John Flavel

“When I tell my daughter ‘Rach, go clean your room’ she doesn’t come back two hours later and say ‘Dad, I memorized what you said: Rach , go clean your room. I even know it in Greek!’ ….so why do we think we can go before the Judge one day and quote everything He said [yet have never lived it out]?” -Francis Chan

“Our cup is small, and we blame the fountain.”#spurgeon

“God told me,” “God showed me,” and “God led me” are commonly used expressions of evangelical piety. Well, God does show, God does tell, and God does lead–by His revealed Word. Forms of disguised idolatry come among us when without any revealed, canonical, Scriptural word, we speak as if God has spoken to us and has given us a new revelation. ~Mohler, p.70

I have a book in my office on Charles Spurgeon. It is basically different quotes and things from newspaper clippings and a very rare book. And if you look there you see that Spurgeon was constantly attacked in his culture for the openness of his faith and the openness of his preaching. If you go back to the time of Whitefield and just look at the political cartoons written against Whitefield, I mean, he was considered an absolute fanatic, a crazy man. Why? Because he preached in the open air. John and Charles Wesley in England, Hal Harris and Daniel Rowland. It has never been with the culture to do open air evangelism.

I am not saying that the guys who are talking today are wrong when they say, “Man, it is against culture to be doing this stuff.” What I would tell them is it has been against culture since the moment the apostle Paul stood up in that great coliseum and spoke the Word of God. It has always been against culture. And that is what you have got understand about Christianity. Christianity makes a warfare on culture. It doesn’t seek a truce with culture and then in that truce pass over to the other side. It doesn’t do that. It says, “No, this is who I am and all of you adjust to me.”~Paul Washer

If someone bothers you today, ask yourself: Am I amazed at how well God has treated me when I’ve bothered him? – piper

Brothers, if any man thinks ill of you, do not be angry with him; for you are worse than he thinks you to be – Charles Spurgeon

The heaven of heavens cannot contain Him,and yet He condescends to find a house within our hearts! # spurgeon

There is a new nature, light in the mind, order in the affections, a pliable will, and tenderness in the conscience. If there is no change of heart there is no sign of grace. God’s children desire God, like the beating of the pulse indicates life…Hypocrites may desire him for his jewels, but not for his beauty. A believer cannot be satisfied without God; let the world heap her honours and riches, it will not satisfy…Heaven itself would not satisfy without Christ.
-Thomas Watson

Nowhere does the Bible say, “Because you are white hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.” – Piper

Jesus isn’t red or blue. He’s purple. But not because He blends the two. Because He reigns. – RC Sproul Jr

Imagine if the Obama government with no justification killed a couple dozen people. Of course a lot of people, especially all the guns rights people, would be up in arms. How would you react? Jesus was confronted with such a circumstance, when some Romans soldiers killed some of his countrymen. He responds by saying, “Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” In the Gospels and through out the New Testament social injustice is confronted and Jesus and John the Baptist did have harsh judgments towards the Roman government and Jewish leaders. However, Jesus’ preaching emphasized that the real injustice was mans disregarding of God, the real problem wasn’t Rome but Hell, and real battle to be waged is against sin, and are weapons were peace, love, and suffering. So my Christians friends who are engaged in the political battle on one side or the other, this world, this country isn’t the real one. The real kingdom, the real world, your real life, our real country is to come, so fight for it.

The risk of loving truth above community: we may kill each other. The risk of loving community above truth: we may kill God. – Piper

To speak of God “allowing” anything is to suggest that God is not the author of history, but its censor. – RC Jr

He spared not Himself, and we are always sparing ourselves. – Spurgeon