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Terms, Conditions, and all that legal stuff

I have very little legal stuff since I don't feel I need it. But following is some of the dynamics of how I do business:

First, understand that you don't pay for the web site until I have finished it, and you are completely satisfied. If you don't like it, or don't want it, you don't pay for it. I own the site until you pay me for it. Thus, when I receive payment, the site is yours (and you are free to host it elsewhere, if you choose to do so. I believe I have an extremely competitive hosting plan). Pulling out of a project without merit may result in a partial charge. Please understand that if you choose not to accept a site design, I retain ownership of that site. For large projects, payment may be required at intervals at agreed upon points or when the majority of the work has been delivered or the site goes live.

Second, I strive to work in a very timely manner. If you need your site updated, I will try to have it done within the next twelve hours of you contacting me. Please understand that while this is normal, it is not a guarantee. I am also a full time student, and have other obligations. I have not yet encountered a problem where I have not been able to fulfill my duties, though. Also note that you will have administrative control over the content of your site, should you choose that option. This allows you to udpate the content immediently without my intervention.

Third, I personally work with you. This is not a large corporation, and so you will have the pleasure of being able to contact me personally with any problems, questions, or comments you might have. I am always willing to listen and work with you.

Fourth, While it may seem like common sense, I do respect your privacy. I don't sell your name, email, or anything else. I do not give out any of your personal information, and do not in any way violate your privacy. Unless otherwise agreed upon, I have the right to showcase your site in my portfolio. Should I desire to quote you or use your name, I will attempt to obtain written premission from you first.

Fifth, You are responsible for every image on your website. Caudill Web Solutions does not assume any responsibility for copyright infringement or for a lack of liability releases. If you take pictures of people and put them on your site, you need to have written and signed permission from them. If kids are in the picture, you need to have their parents approval (in writing). We will not manage this nor will we assume any responsibility for any of this.
Sixth, Caudill Web Solutions is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) formed in the state of Ohio. No goods are sold as part of this entity, only services offered. Caudill Web Solutions is owned and operated by Andrew Caudill.

Seventh, I consider myself extremely flexable with payment schedules. Communication makes me even more flexable. If you can't pay on time, tell me why. If you are consistantly late, expect higher fees. If you choose not to pay, your web site just might disappear and become all mine again. I've never done it before, and hopefully won't have to. I'm not afraid to do it though.

As always, these are not all inclusive and are subject to change without notice. If you ever have questoins, just ask!

Last revised June 2010.

Remember, these are just general guidelines. If you ever have questions on different terms or legal implications for your site, just ask!
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